Saturday, May 25, 2019


Homeless Scots Trapped In Temporary Accommodation For 10 YEARS – Due To A Social Housing Shortage

700 homeless households in Scotland were forced to spend more than TEN years in temporary accommodation, due to a chronic social housing shortage.

Sharp Rise In Homeless Applications From Scotland’s Private Rented Sector

A damning new report reveals a 38% rise in the number of private tenants making homeless applications in Scotland.

Nearly 90,000 Children Will Spend Christmas In Temporary Accommodation, Say Labour

Official figures show the number of families who will be spending Christmas in temporary accommodation is up by 20%.

Charity Warns Of ‘Tragic Waste Of Young Lives’ Lost To Homelessness

Nearly half of all homeless young people first experienced life on the streets before their 21st birthday, research shows.

Social Housing Repossessions Up 12% In Wales, Says Charity

Nearly 1,000 social housing tenants lost their homes in the last year, says Shelter Cymru.

Record Number Of Homeless Families In ‘Out Of Area’ Temporary Accommodation

High rents and housing benefit cap making it harder for councils to find safe and decent places in local area, says charity Shelter

Hidden Homeless: One In Five Young People ‘Sofa Surfed’ In The Last Year

One in five young people across Britain have 'sofa surfed' from one couch to another over the past year, because they have nowhere else to go.

THREE Supreme Court Cases Challenge ‘Longstanding Injustice’ For Homeless People

Crisis and Shelter will help challenge a law that allows local councils to turn away homeless people who are judged not 'vulnerable' enough

Benefit Sanctions Driving Increased Demand For Youth Homelessness Support

The increased use of cruel benefit sanctions is affecting the ability of young people to access accommodation, a damning new report reveals.

Number Of Tenants Evicted Hits Record Levels As Benefit Cuts Bite

Figures show more than 30,000 tenants thrown out by end of September, which social landlords say is due to bedroom tax

One In Five Young People Have Slept Rough In The Past Year

A poll by the homeless charity Centrepoint found that nearly one in five young people have slept rough in the last 12 months.

90,000 British Children Will Wake Up Homeless This Christmas

The figures also show that the number of homeless families living in B&B's has more than doubled in only three years.

Councils Turning Homeless People Away, Says Charity

An undercover investigation by homelessness charity Crisis has revealed how homeless people are being turned away by councils with no choice but to sleep on the streets.

Homeless Families Forced To Live In ‘Unsafe’ Temporary Accommodation Soars To Five Year High

Latest figures show that 59,710 homeless households were living in temporary accommodation across England at the end of June 2014 – the highest level for five years.

Thousands Of London’s Homeless Families Left ‘In Limbo’ For More Than Two Years

More than one in three homeless families in London are finding themselves trapped in temporary accommodation for more than two years

Report Slams Shocking 64% Rise In London’s Rough Sleepers

The shocking rise comes at the same time as figures show a 25% drop in the number of beds in emergency night shelters.

Homeless Jobseekers To Be Granted Temporary Reprieve From Benefit Sanctions

Homeless jobseekers and those in supported accommodation are to be granted exemptions from benefit sanctions in new legislation being brought before parliament today

Study of risk factors in the north east finds rent arrears, food poverty and crime on the rise. Homelessness will come next

Government Benefit Cuts Fuelling London Housing Crisis, Warns New Report

Rents in London are set to rise considerably faster than housing benefit, meaning the pool of affordable properties is getting smaller and smaller.

Homelessness At ‘Historically High Levels’ And Could Get Worse, Warns Landmark Study

The study warns that a dwindling social housing stock in Northern Ireland and reforms to welfare benefits risks 'pushing more people into increased financial hardship and homelessness'.

3.8 Million Families Living On A ‘Knife Edge’, Say Shelter

3.8 MILLION families could be just one paycheck away from losing their home, the housing and homeless charity Shelter has warned.

Benefit Sanctions Will Hit Homeless Hardest, Scottish Charity Warns

Benefit sanctions and welfare reforms will hit homeless people in Scotland harder than any other group, a Scottish charity has warned.


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