Saturday, May 25, 2019

Food banks

Five-Week Wait For Benefits Will Increase Food Bank Use, Says TUC

New rules forcing benefit claimants to wait at least five weeks before they receive any cash will increase demand on food banks, says the TUC.

Benefit Sanctions Hit Over 900,000 Claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance

No 10 rules out sanctions reform as MPs find benefit penalties the biggest factor in use of food banks

Tories Seek To Avert Rift With Church Of England In Wake Of Food Bank Report

Party blamed for rising use of food banks in church-funded report which links growing poverty to austerity measures

Nick Clegg Calls For Rethink On Benefits Sanctions To Help Tackle Food Poverty

Cross-party report endorsed by archbishop of Canterbury blames sanctions regime in part for growing use of food banks

Opinion: £30 Billion National Insurance Surplus A Kick In The Teeth For Starving Families

George Osborne is sitting on a £30 BILLION National Insurance surplus while struggling families turn to food banks to feed their children

Firms Flouting The Minimum Wage Not Prosecuted In The Past Year

Coalition under fire over pledge to get tough, while food bank boss says ministers must protect people ‘on the edge’

Government Dismisses Study Linking Use Of Food Banks To Benefit Cuts

Research calls for changes to Britain’s increasingly threadbare social security system to stop people falling into poverty

Welfare Sanctions Make Vulnerable Reliant On Food Banks, Says YMCA

Report by charity criticises ‘head in the sand’ policy on benefit sanctions as being behind significant increase in food poverty

Unemployed ‘Getting Really Good Benefits’ Don’t Need Food Banks, Says Tory Councillor

Conservative councillor Dawn Barnett called for tighter restrictions on food banks after claiming the system is being abused by benefit claimants who are "not in need".

Letters: ‘Bedroom Tax’ Penalises Families Who Cannot Downsize

The 'bedroom tax' penalises people even where there is no suitable alternative accommodation available, writes Sam Corcoran.

£518,000 Allocated To Tackling ‘Unacceptable’ Food Poverty Crisis In Scotland

The Scottish Government has announced that it is to allocate £518,000 to tackling the growing food poverty crisis in Scotland.

Tory Attack On The Welfare State Forcing 22,000 Scottish Children To Rely On Food Banks, Says SNP

Westminster’s attack on the welfare state is leading to more than 22,000 children in Scotland having to rely on food banks, say SNP.

Zero Hours Contracts Force Workers To Rely On Food Banks, Says Charity

Zero hours contracts are forcing Scottish workers to turn to food banks and payday lenders, according to a new report from Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

Food Bank Users Choose Alcohol And Drugs Over Feeding Their Own Children, Says Tory Councillor

To the dismay and anger of Labour councillors present at a Coventry Council debate on food banks, Cllr Julia Lepoidevin couldn't wait to get stuck in and demonise local residents who turn to food...

Tory Minister Admits Link Between Welfare Cuts And Food Banks

Conservative Party Minister David Mundell MP admitted there is a link between Westminster welfare cuts and the increase in food bank use across Scotland.

SNP Condemns ‘Appalling’ DWP Threats To ‘Shut Down’ Trussell Trust Food Banks

The Trussell Trust has already accused the DWP of “belittling” its work after Neil Couling made a series of false statements to the Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee on the charity’s work.

Government Might ‘Shut You Down’ If You Continue Criticising Welfare Cuts, Food Bank Charity Told

Trussell Trust told to think more carefully about speaking out against government figures and welfare cuts, otherwise “the government might try to shut you down”.

Study of risk factors in the north east finds rent arrears, food poverty and crime on the rise. Homelessness will come next

Benefit Sanctions Blamed For 54% Surge In Food Bank Demand As 20 Million Meals Given To Poorest In 2013

Big rise in UK food poverty sees 20m meals given out in last year

Increase in usage comes from poor in affluent areas due to rise in food prices while disposable income fell, says charity report

£500,000 Emergency Food Bank Fund Opens In Scotland

Charities and food aid organisations can apply to the fund for help in addressing the issue of malnutrition and food poverty in communities across Scotland.

UK Government ‘In Denial’ Over Food Banks And Welfare Reforms, Say MSPs

Michael McMahon MSP: The UK Government can no longer ignore the evidence that their welfare reforms are having a real impact on people's ability to feed themselves.

All-party parliamentary inquiry, co-chaired by Labour's Frank Field, finds evidence behind growth in food banks

No Relationship Between Benefit Sanctions And Food Banks, Say DWP

According to the Scottish National Party (SNP), the claim was made during a Scottish Welfare Reform Committee session, where Mr Couling was standing in for the conservative Employment Minister, Esther McVey MP.


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