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Thinktank launches expert review of welfare scheme, saying policy changes have not received sufficient scrutiny

Study of risk factors in the north east finds rent arrears, food poverty and crime on the rise. Homelessness will come next

Robert Martin, outgoing head of benefits appeal tribunal, says DWP was too optimistic about conducting fit-to-work tests

Increase in usage comes from poor in affluent areas due to rise in food prices while disposable income fell, says charity report

Critics say spikes treat homeless 'like pigeons' as residents fear short ground spikes at doorway are to deter rough sleepers

More people now approach the charity over council tax bills than over difficulties with unsecured loans or credit cards

UK citizens at foreign universities or travelling for three months face habitual residence test to claim jobseeker's allowance

All-party parliamentary inquiry, co-chaired by Labour's Frank Field, finds evidence behind growth in food banks

Labour claims £100m cost of pledge can be met by cutting cost of imposing competition and by keeping patients out of A&E

Letter from Conservative minister reveals plans to sanction unemployed people if they fail to agree to controversial contracts

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