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Select committee finds that eligibility tests for benefits are inaccurate and system fails to help claimants back into work

Policy Exchange report finds employment service is failing to help a third of customers and recommends splitting services

Lib Dem leader says party no longer supports policy in its present form in intensification of Tory 'differentiation strategy'

DWP will appeal against judgment on emergency legislation that was introduced after previous ruling against welfare schemes

Survey of adult social services chiefs reveals 'unpalatable' cuts for older and vulnerable people are in the offing as care budgets shrink

National Audit Office discovers DWP is obliged to make bonus payments even to badly performing work programme providers

Labour MP John McDonnell has supported the demonstration, saying that government actions have left people 'desperate'

BMA chair Mark Porter accuses ministers of blaming doctors for failed policy and vows to show how public money is wasted

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