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MPs Vote YES To ‘Bedroom Tax’ Carers Exemption

MPs have overwhelmingly voted in a favour of a Bill which, if entered into law, would exempt social housing tenants in receipt of Carer's Allowance from the 'bedroom tax'.

Feature: Fall In Unemployment Overshadowed By Widening ‘Wage Gap’

Latest unemployment figures are overshadowed by research which shows that 77% of new jobs are low paid and the 'wage gap' has increased to 7.8%.

Lord Freud Offers ‘Unreserved Apology’ For Comment About Disabled People

Labour calls for welfare minister to be sacked for saying some disabled people were ‘not worth’ the minimum wage

Workers Should Be Forced To Pay Private Insurers To Get Benefits, Says Think Tank

New proposals could mark the beginning of the end for the welfare state and usher in an American style corporate welfare system.

Universal Credit Bill Could Soar By £1.25 BILLION, Warns Labour

Iain Duncan Smith's botched Universal Credit scheme could incur an additional £1.25 BILLION in extra costs, the Labour Party has warned.

Labour’s Plan To Improve Employment Support For Disabled People – Video

Kate Green MP has set out Labour's plan to improve the support available to disabled benefit claimants in helping them find work.

‘Bedroom Tax’ Victim Jailed After ‘Booby Trapping’ Home To Stop Bailiffs Evicting Him

A man has been jailed after he 'booby trapped' his home to prevent bailiffs from entering the property to evict him over his failure to pay £900 in 'bedroom tax' rent arrears.

Cuts To Emergency Support Will Leave Families Starving And At Risk Of Eviction

Funding cuts to local authority welfare provision will leave struggling families starving and at risk of eviction, councils leaders will warn today.

Housing associations warn Conservative policy would also prevent them from building new homes as funding dries up

Osborne’s Benefits Plan ‘Fails To Reflect The Reality’ Faced By Millions Of Families

George Osborne's plan “fails to reflect the reality” that “millions rely on housing benefit to secure a roof over their head”, including working families, says CIH chief executive.

Tories Plan Fresh Attack Against Benefit Claimants

A future Conservative government would reduce the benefit cap from £26,000 to £23,000 and force young unemployed people to work for their benefits, chancellor George Osborne revealed today.

Sir Bob Kerslake bows out with a dig at the culture of deference that failed to recognise flaws in benefit reform.

Tony Blair Destroyed Britain’s Faith In The Benefits System, Claim Researchers

Researchers have managed to pinpoint the exact moment in history when public support for Britain's benefits system began to wane. According to research published today from the University of Bristol, public attitude toward unemployed people...

Disability Hate Crime ‘Overlooked’ And ‘Under-Reported’

Police and the CPS are failing to recognise that abuse against people with disabilities is often “simply because they're disabled”.

A Future Labour Government Could Scrap Universal Credit Within Months, Say Insiders

A future Labour government could scrap Universal Credit within months of taking office, sources close to the party have said.

Drop In Unemployment Overshadowed By Low Wages And A Surge In Sickness Benefit Claims

Figures released today showing a 146,000 drop in unemployment is overshadowed by below inflation wage growth and a surge in sickness benefit claimants.

Tory Local Welfare Provision Axe Falters Following Successful Legal Challenge

The Tory-led coalition government has agreed to reconsider scrapping Local Welfare Provision (LWP) funding following a successful legal challenge at the High Court in London, it has been reported today. A disabled man from Cheshire,...

Three-quarters of hospitals could be in the red by end of year without urgent government bailout, warn NHS leaders in private

60% Of Family Carers Pushed To ‘Breaking Point’, Warns Charity

Cuts to health and social care funding are pushing 60% of carers across the UK to breaking point, a leading UK charity has warned.

DWP Figures Reveal Shocking Delays In Sickness Benefit Decisions

Government figures released today show that 40% of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) claims between October 2013 and December 2013 were still undergoing assessment.

‘Bedroom Tax’ One Step Closer To Abolition After Tories Are Defeated In Crucial Vote

Liberal Democrat and Labour MP's joined forces to deal David Cameron one of his most humiliating defeats so far, by 306 votes to 231.

Party leader Natalie Bennett will argue minimum wage of £6.31 should be immediately raised to living wage level

Exposed: Jobcentre Benefit Sanctions Culture Revealed – Whistleblower

"I worked for DWP for many years and can verify that Jobcentre Plus did and do talk about benefit sanction targets" - Whistleblower.

The UK Faculty of Public Health will call for national food policy including sugar tax as concerns rise over vitamin deficiencies


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