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Disability benefit cuts cost more than they save, says charity

Taxpayers footing the bill for DWP incompetency.

Heartless council removed homeless people’s tents and only belongings

The heartless eviction of rough sleepers in Cardiff city centre was supervised by police officers.

Universal Credit two-child limit will push 300,000 more children into poverty

Campaigners also say the policy breaches the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Tories knew Universal Credit was causing hardship but pressed ahead regardless

Report's damning findings were snuck out by the DWP and HMRC more than a year after it was finished.

Child Benefit ‘could be abolished’ and subsumed into Universal Credit’

The real-terms value of Child Benefit value has fallen back its 1999 level.

Thousands call on DWP to stop telling GPs not to give sick notes to benefit claimants

"It is not for the DWP to interfere with the GP and their patient."

Number of UK children in ‘absolute poverty’ up by 200,000 in a year to reach 3.1 million

Poverty campaigners blame benefit cuts and changes for soaring child poverty rates.

BPS call for an end to ‘harmful’ benefit sanctions

Mental health experts demand an end to the cruel use of benefit sanctions on people with mental health problems.

DWP should be barred from providing employment support for ill and disabled people

Report calls for councils and NHS Trusts to take control of providing employment support for sick and disabled people.

Disabled people’s incomes have been slashed by up to £5,000 a year since 2010, research shows

Single mothers, ethnic minorities, and disabled people are among the hardest hit by tax and spending changes.

Homeless to be given ‘stab proof coats’ following surge in attacks against rough sleepers

Rough sleepers are 17 times more likely to be the victims of violence than non-homeless people.

Universal Credit, Tax Credits, and Child Benefit payment dates over Easter 2019

You may receive benefit payments earlier than expected over the Easter period.

DWP letter to GPs deprives sick and disabled people of lifeline benefits support

GPs advised not to provide sick notes for sick and disabled people found 'fit for work' by the DWP.

Universal Credit claimants forced to engage in ‘survival sex’ for food and shelter

MPs launch investigation into posssible link between Universal Credit and prostitution.

Seven benefit assessors jailed over £1m housing benefit fraud

The assessors created false housing benefit claims over a period of six years.

Disabled man ‘wasting away’ after DWP stopped his £700 a month disability benefits

Mr Jones says he has become "too weak to walk to foodbanks".

Universal Credit ‘causing hardship and emotional distress’, says mental health charity

DWP urged to pause the continued roll-out of Universal Credit until problems with the new benefit system are fixed.

Only 18% of households hit by the ‘cruel’ benefit cap are able to work

DWP urged to exempt anyone who is unable to work from the controversial cap to working-age benefits.

UN calls on Tories to scrap ‘perverse’ two-child benefit cap and rape clause

Report also warns that Universal Credit risks trapping domestic abuse victims in situations of poverty and violence.

Benefit changes driving demand for NHS mental health services, report says

Widespread concerns about benefits cuts and the impact of universal credit on mental health services.

Tory benefit freeze ‘predicted to increase poverty more than any other policy’

Chancellor Philip Hammond urged to end the freeze to working-age benefits a year earlier than originally planned.

Benefits system causing ‘unneccesary distress’ to people with mental health problems, report says

Urgent changes needed to prevent people with mental health problems from "falling out of the system entirely".

Two disabled households left worse off on Universal Credit aim for court of appeal

High Court rejected a claim of unlawful discrimination brought by the two disabled households.

Scottish government to take over control of devolved benefits from April 2020

SNP hail “historic moment” for social security in Scotland, but opposition parties criticise decison to delay taking over full control until 2024.


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