Uprating benefits inline with inflation ‘crucial’ to helping 10 million families with cost of living crisis

"Surging food prices have driven a return to double-digit inflation across Britain."

Fuel poverty could hit 11million households as protesters gather at Downing Street

Petition signed by more than 600,000 people calls for a 'universal basic energy allowance'.

Opposition parties call for public inquiry into benefit deaths

The DWP has been implicated in a series of deaths and cases where people have been seriously harmed.

Food banks fear being overwhelmed this winter as demand rockets

Food banks worry that they may have to start turning hungry people away.

Analysis shows which areas would be hardest hit by failing to uprate benefits with inflation

People living in former 'red wall' seats among those who will be devastated by proposed plan.

Tories block study on how DWP benefit sanctions cause misery and suicides

Tory ministers have secretly withdrawn their participation in the important study.

Majority agree benefits should rise with inflation

New poll reveals strong public support for increasing social security benefits inline with inflation.

Tory rebel slams ‘deluded’ colleagues and vows to vote against benefit cuts

Tory rebel Johnny Mercer says it is "really tough" to survive on benefits and is willing to be kicked out of the Tory Party.

Disabled Universal Credit claimants underpaid over £350 per month

Campaigners write to DWP over delays to work capability assessments that leave sick & disabled UC claimants out of pocket.

DWP announce date for second cost of living payment

By November 23, millions of homes throughout the United Kingdom will get a £324 cost of living cash boost. The government stated today that households...

Failing to uprate benefits with inflation would be the largest real-terms benefit cut in history

Think tank condemns "morally indefensible" plan to target low-income households whilst gifting tax cuts to the rich.

Liz Truss ‘lying through her teeth’ on energy bills

PM claimed that “nobody” would be paying more than £2500 on energy bills.