Tories ‘doubling down on anti-poor policies’, says damning UN report

UN report accuses the UK Government of being "in a state of denial" over the impact of its welfare policies.

Children with learning disabilities ‘locked away’ in mental health hospitals

Report warns that vulnerable children are being sedated or physically restrained while detained in mental health hospitals.

How a devoted husband took on the DWP and WON!

Mr Kirkland took the DWP to court to win back the vital benefits denied to his disabled wife.

Disabled people subjected to a rising torrent of online abuse, says charity

Figures show a 33% increase in the number of reported incidents of online disability hate crimes.

High Court finds Universal Credit migration arrangements unlawful

10,000 severely disabled people would have left worse off by around a £100 per month.

‘Misleading’ DWP letter sent to GP’s risks ‘endangering’ patient health

The DWP letter advises GP’s not to provide sick notes to people found ‘fit for work’.

Seriously ill woman refused Universal Credit ‘on the verge of taking her own life’

Universal Credit has been blamed for pushing vulnerable people to food banks and others to suicide.

DWP delay disability back-payments to thousands cruelly denied benefits

Call for thousands of people who lost out on severe disability premium payments to be reimbursed.

Children with special needs missing out on £1.2bn in vital funding, says union

Local authorities across England are facing SEND funding shortfalls of a staggering 93%.

Homeless disabled woman left in unsuitable temporary accommodation, says Ombudsman

The woman had previously been sleeping rough in an airport.

Disability benefit cuts cost more than they save, says charity

Taxpayers footing the bill for DWP incompetency.

Facebook under fire after blocking group over naked disabled woman image

The photo aims to challenge modern preconceptions about disability and beauty.

Justin Tomlinson appointed new disabilities minister – his voting record

Mr Tomlinson has a poor track history in defending the needs of disabled people in the UK.

London council failed to adequately support disabled mother, says Ombudsman

Council failed to properly assess a disabled mother's needs when her young son moved from nursery to school.

‘Flippant’ DWP minster forced to apologise over factually incorrect evidence given to MPs

Questions mount over government minister's understanding of the benefits system they administrate.

‘No Disabilities Minister until Brexit deal is sorted’

James Cleverly MP says the vacant post is unlikely to be filled until the ongoing Brexit debacle is sorted.

Thousands call on DWP to stop telling GPs not to give sick notes to benefit claimants

"It is not for the DWP to interfere with the GP and their patient."

DWP tells man who cannot walk or talk to prove he is disabled

His caring mother has been forced to take out loans to buy food.

Disabled benefit claimants ‘treated more like cattle than human beings’

Disabled man slams the government's cruel welfare system after winning three appeals in just six years.

DWP has ‘limited evidence’ to show ‘what works’ in helping disabled people into work

NAO criticises the DWP's lack of knowledge in 'what works' when supporting disabled people into work.

Down’s Syndrome patient died after NHS deprived him of food for almost THREE weeks

His distraught carers and family slammed the "third-rate medical care" provided by Manchester Royal Infirmary.

DWP should be barred from providing employment support for ill and disabled people

Report calls for councils and NHS Trusts to take control of providing employment support for sick and disabled people.

70% of benefit appeals find in favour of claimants, figures show

'Punitive' Tory welfare system 'simply not working', says SNP.

Disabled people’s incomes have been slashed by up to £5,000 a year since 2010, research shows

Single mothers, ethnic minorities, and disabled people are among the hardest hit by tax and spending changes.


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