Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Young adults with disabilities let down by council school transport policies

Councils should ensure their education transport policies properly support young adults with disabilities, says Ombudsman.

Universal Credit plans pose a ‘significant risk’ to disabled people, warn charities

Concerns over Government plans to move existing disabled claimants onto Universal Credit.

DWP ‘adding to suffering’ of terminally ill benefit claimants

'Cruel' UK government rejects cross-party request to amend benefits legislation to better support terminally ill claimants.

Thousands owed £340m in underpaid benefits after ‘major’ DWP error

MPs criticise a "culture of indifference" at the Department for Work and Pensions.

Preventable harm and the Work Capability Assessment

An in-depth analysis of the controversial Work Capability Assessment and how it's used to limit access to social security benefits.

Disabled woman denied benefits can barely walk from one room to the next

Pearl Kelly has been denied Personal Independent Payment, despite mobility issues and being riddled with tumours .

Charities are missing the point – disability benefit assessments were designed to fail

Charities and others are letting the government off the hook, writes Mo Stewart.

Tories ‘creating hostile environment for disability benefit claimants’

Thousands of sick and disabled people are being wrongly assessed and denied Social Security benefit they are entitled to, says charity.

Man with inoperable brain tumour denied vital social security support

He and his partner have been left with just £5 a week to feed themselves.

Disabled war veteran threatened with homelessness after DWP slashed his benefits

George Brodie served in the first Gulf War and says he has been failed by the so-called 'military covenant'.

Devastated mum of murdered children fears eviction after benefits axed

Callous benefit bosses axed her disability benefits despite knowing about the severe trauma she had experienced.

Scrap proposals to move disabled people onto Universal Credit, says Mind

MIND branded the proposals as “ill-advised” and “short-sighted”.

‘Senseless’ disability benefit rule costs the NHS at least £7.7 million a year

20 metre PIP rule is preventing people with MS from accessing the support they need, says MS Society.

DWP scrap ‘unnecessary’ repeat benefit assessments for severely sick and disabled

Campaigners describe the announcement as "a piecemeal solution for a broken system" and call for further improvements.

‘Hidden housing crisis’ is damaging disabled people’s health, warns charity

365,000 disabled people "trapped" in unsuitable homes and unable to find accessible housing.

Universal Credit ‘discriminates’ against disabled people, High Court rules

Two severely disabled men were forced to miss out on £178 a month in vital benefits.

Tory disdain for disabled people knows no limits, official figures reveal

Thousands of severely sick and disabled people forced to fight for vital financial support.

MP’s slam ‘shoddy’ and ‘error-ridden’ disability benefit assessment reports

Committee criticises the accuracy and fairness of benefit assessment reports by private firms Atos, Capita and Maximus.

Universal Credit changes don’t go far enough, say charities

Disabled universal credit claimants with severe disabilities to be 'compensated' for the loss of the Severe Disability Premium.

Disability benefit delays ‘underline need for devolved welfare powers’

Over 200,000 disabled people forced to wait all summer for the benefits they are legally entitled to.

Tens of thousands of vulnerable Brits ‘trapped’ in social care debt

GMB investigation also found that over a thousand care users have been taken to court over debts.

Disabled workers paid £2,730 a year less than non-disabled workers

Disability pay gap has increased to its highest level since 2013, TUC report shows.

British public ignorant to the reality of disabled people’s lives, survey shows

A "hostile environment" towards disabled people is fueling a negative public perception of people living with a disability.

SNP demand action on ‘inaccessible’ benefit assessment centres

DWP admit there is no policy to ensure benefit assessment centres have parking facilities within 20 meters.

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