Petition calling for £25 Universal Credit uplift signed by tens of thousands

Petition argues that people on Universal Credit are being forced to choose between "paying bills and buying food."

MPs call on Chancellor to commit to raising benefits inline with inflation

The Work and Pensions Committee has written to Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng.

SNP plan to cap rents for private and social tenancies

Emergency legislation introduced to the Scottish Parliament aims to protect tenants during the cost of living crisis.

DWP announce date for second cost of living payment

By November 23, millions of homes throughout the United Kingdom will get a £324 cost of living cash boost. The government stated today that households...

What more evidence does the UK government need that families are in crisis?

It is "shocking and morally indefensible" that the UK government may not increase benefits inline with inflation, think tank argues.

Rich gain 40-times as much as poorer families from tax cuts, despite U-turn on 45p rate

"The richest 5 per cent of households still stand to gain far more than the entire bottom half of the income distribution combined."

DWP staff ‘forced to rely on foodbanks’

PCS union demands a payrise for members working for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Devolved nations demand ‘urgent meeting’ with Kwasi Kwarteng over tax and benefit plans

"Immediate steps required to reverse the detrimental effects of the UK Government's tax proposals."

Failing to uprate benefits with inflation would be the largest real-terms benefit cut in history

Think tank condemns "morally indefensible" plan to target low-income households whilst gifting tax cuts to the rich.

Soaring energy costs causing ‘life-threatening’ asthma attacks

Cost of Living: "Lives are at risk" if the government doesn't step in to help people with lung conditions, charity warns.

Ban energy firms from forcing people in debt onto prepayment meters this winter, says charity

Almost half a million people could be forced onto prepayment energy meters this winter, warns Citizens Advice.

‘Osborne-level’ spending cuts feared after PM refuses to backtrack on tax cuts for the rich

Low-income families and benefit claimants to pay the price for Tory economic ineptitude.