Saturday, May 25, 2019


Tories accused of the ‘deliberate dismantling of the welfare state’

Accusation comes after a UN report accussed the UK Government of taking Britain back to the age of Victorian work houses and extreme poverty.

Tories ‘doubling down on anti-poor policies’, says damning UN report

UN report accuses the UK Government of being "in a state of denial" over the impact of its welfare policies.

Tory welfare cuts breach international human rights laws, says watchdog

Benefit cuts mean children have been left to go hungry, report says.

82% of households hit by the Tories’ callous benefit cap are unable to work

Revelation comes as two single mums failed to challenge the hateful policy at the Supreme Court.

Pension credit cuts will leave some of the poorest pensioners up to £7,000 worse off

The Tories’ pension credit cut comes into force from the 15th May.

Tory benefit cuts will double the number of children living in poverty

Changes to social security benefits are devastating family incomes, report warns.

Amber Rudd to end three-year benefit sanctions under Universal Credit

Work and Pensions Secretary said she wanted to ensure that penalties for failing to meet strict benefit conditionality "are proportionate".

Tories under fire over threat to end free TV licences for over 75s

"It is the only form of companionship for many who are lonely", said actor Ricky Tomlinson.

SNP conference condemns the Tories ‘shameful’ approach to social security

"They must listen to all of the evidence of hardship and damage they are causing and urgently reassess their approach to welfare."

DWP delay disability back-payments to thousands cruelly denied benefits

Call for thousands of people who lost out on severe disability premium payments to be reimbursed.

DWP spend £120 MILLION trying to deny sick and disabled people benefits

At least 70% of benefit appeals are overturned at tribunal in favour of claimants.

Youth services slashed by 70% since 2010, say Labour

Austerity is "tearing the heart out of our communities", says Jeremy Corbyn.

MPs pressure Tories over bereavement benefit ‘injustice’ after Supreme Court ruling

MPs launch a follow-up inquiry into a “profound injustice” in bereavement benefits.

Disability benefit cuts cost more than they save, says charity

Taxpayers footing the bill for DWP incompetency.

Benefit freeze to cut a further £4.4bn from social security payments

SNP call on the Tory government to scrap the “callous” benefit freeze.

Justin Tomlinson appointed new disabilities minister – his voting record

Mr Tomlinson has a poor track history in defending the needs of disabled people in the UK.

NHS privatisation one step closer as Tories dish out £35million in new contracts in just six weeks

Accusation comes after Health Secretary claimed "there would be no privatisation of the NHS under my watch".

Tories knew Universal Credit was causing hardship but pressed ahead regardless

Report's damning findings were snuck out by the DWP and HMRC more than a year after it was finished.

Cuts are preventing councils from helping the homeless

Councils warn that vital services are suffering as a result of ongoing austerity.

‘Flippant’ DWP minster forced to apologise over factually incorrect evidence given to MPs

Questions mount over government minister's understanding of the benefits system they administrate.

‘No Disabilities Minister until Brexit deal is sorted’

James Cleverly MP says the vacant post is unlikely to be filled until the ongoing Brexit debacle is sorted.

Disabled people’s incomes have been slashed by up to £5,000 a year since 2010, research shows

Single mothers, ethnic minorities, and disabled people are among the hardest hit by tax and spending changes.

DWP letter to GPs deprives sick and disabled people of lifeline benefits support

GPs advised not to provide sick notes for sick and disabled people found 'fit for work' by the DWP.


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