Children with learning disabilities ‘locked away’ in mental health hospitals

Report warns that vulnerable children are being sedated or physically restrained while detained in mental health hospitals.

Tory welfare cuts breach international human rights laws, says watchdog

Benefit cuts mean children have been left to go hungry, report says.

Hundreds of vulnerable and mentally ill children ‘locked up by the state’ because councils lack sufficient funding

Report warns that the true number is likely to be far higher due to Government failings in gathering data.

Child poverty is becoming the ‘new normal’ in parts of Britain

500,000 more UK children are having their lives limited by poverty today than at the start of the decade.

Tory benefit cuts will double the number of children living in poverty

Changes to social security benefits are devastating family incomes, report warns.

Lone parents vow to take two-child benefit limit to the supreme court

Court of Appeal recognised that children in families with more than two children were prejudicially affected by the policy.

Children’s life expectancy slips below their parents for the first time since records began

New film challenges people to take control of their health and wellbeing.

Teachers warn of ‘significant increase’ in child poverty

"Some students have mentioned that they have not had any food for two days."

Children with special needs missing out on £1.2bn in vital funding, says union

Local authorities across England are facing SEND funding shortfalls of a staggering 93%.

Children face mental health ‘postcode lottery’, Commissioner warns

Over a third of councils in England have reduced real-terms spending on "low level" children's mental health services.

Universal Credit two-child limit will push 300,000 more children into poverty

Campaigners also say the policy breaches the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Children in poverty are growing up hungry and in shame, say campaigners

Charity calls for all UK children to be given free school school meals to help promote social inclusion.

London council failed to adequately support disabled mother, says Ombudsman

Council failed to properly assess a disabled mother's needs when her young son moved from nursery to school.

Child Benefit ‘could be abolished’ and subsumed into Universal Credit’

The real-terms value of Child Benefit value has fallen back its 1999 level.

Number of UK children in ‘absolute poverty’ up by 200,000 in a year to reach 3.1 million

Poverty campaigners blame benefit cuts and changes for soaring child poverty rates.

Child poverty in Scotland set to reach a 20-year high, report warns

Scottish Government urged to "implement much more radical changes to social security".

Disabled children ‘treated as outsiders’ when it comes to sport

Researchers are aiming to find out why disabled children are being left behind when it comes to sport.

UN calls on Tories to scrap ‘perverse’ two-child benefit cap and rape clause

Report also warns that Universal Credit risks trapping domestic abuse victims in situations of poverty and violence.

Child benefit changes cost struggling families £450 a year, says Unison

Changes linked to the rise in child poverty, household debt and the use of food banks.

End the benefits freeze to save 200,000 people from poverty, Tories told

Chancellor Philip Hammond urged to end the controversial freeze to working-age benefits in his spring statement.

Vulnerable children put at risk as vital funding is slashed to the bone

Funding for vital children's services in England has been slashed by a third per child since 2010.

Child poverty to hit new record high unless Tories end cuts, report warns

Poor wage growth and benefit cuts to push a further one million children into poverty by the end of this parliament.

Nearly half of children in private rented homes are living in poverty

The number of children in private rented homes who are living in poverty has increased by 69% since 2008.

Charities and politicians join forces to condemn ‘disgraceful’ two-child benefit cap

Amber Rudd urged to scrap the "disgraceful" policy in its entirety, or risk pushing thousands of more children into poverty.


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