Saturday, May 25, 2019


Theresa May pledges £2bn for ‘affordable’ and social homes

PM vows to deliver tens of thousands of new affordable and social homes.

More than two million Brits at risk of falling into poverty, report warns

An estimated 2.5million people in the UK are less than 10% above the poverty line.

100,000 retail jobs lost in the last three years, Labour analysis reveals

Labour has called on the UK Government to save Britain's "dying" high-streets.

70% of young people in Britain regularly borrow cash to pay bills or everyday living expenses

New research shows young people are struggling to cope and having to borrow money just to get by.

Labour warn of NHS land ‘fire sale’

Hospitals forced to put valuable land up for sale to plug funding gaps caused by years of austerity.

Nearly a quarter of UK adults reliant on ‘bank of mum and dad’ to make ends meet

Almost 1 in 4 UK adults reliant on cash from family members "just to get by", report says.

Families in poverty will see no Brexit ‘dividend’, report claims

Poverty and living costs likely to continue rising after the UK leaves the European Union, says thinktank.

Majority believe UK economy is ‘unfair’ and ‘not working’ for poorer people

Survey also shows growing public support for greater Government spending and investment.

Tories ‘turning a blind eye to Britain’s living standards crisis’

Despite the growth in employment, average weekly earnings remain lower than they were before the economic crisis.

Most Brits support the radical idea of a ‘Universal Basic Income’, poll shows

40% of the public would welcome Basic Income experiments in their local area while just 15% would oppose them

Benefit cap inquiry re-launched by MPs

Work and Pensions Committee to re-launch benefit cap inquiry after it was stalled due the last general election.

Poorest Brits see their incomes squeezed as fears grow over rising child poverty

Experts fear child poverty rates will continue to rise as low-income households are hit by over £14bn in benefit cuts.

Tories urged to ‘press the reset button’ on damaging austerity agenda

"Government is supposed to improve and enhance lives not hinder them", says Ian Blackford MP.

Increasing the minimum wage would provide a £5.6bn boost for the economy

Unite says a £10 an hour minimum wage would increase tax receipts and reduce spending on in-work benefits.

Tories ‘determined to push families into destitution’

Report reveals devastating impact of austerity on families struggling to make ends meet.

‘Wage growth stuck in the slow lane’ despite high employment

Real wage growth remains unchanged at just 0.4%, according to the latest ONS figures.

‘Universal Credit must be scrapped’, says union

CWU condemn "cruel, heartless and uncaring attitude towards vulnerable people".

Brits face food price hike without Brexit deal, report warns

Report warns that food bills will rise sharply and food supplies will be disrupted without a Brexit deal.

One in nine UK workers are in insecure jobs, says TUC

Call to end the scourge of zero-hours contracts and 'bogus employment'.

Universal Credit ‘designed with little regard for the reality of self-employment’, say MPs

Universal Credit risks damaging aspiration and could leave some self-employed workers thousands of pounds a year worse off, report warns.

Spending on children’s services plummets by nearly £1bn in only five years

Tories accused of "slashing support for the those that need help the most".


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