Saturday, May 25, 2019


DWP letter to GPs deprives sick and disabled people of lifeline benefits support

GPs advised not to provide sick notes for sick and disabled people found 'fit for work' by the DWP.

DWP tells GPs not to support benefit claimants with sick notes

"This callous and unjustified approach to social administration is destroying people’s lives", writes Sue Jones.

Most people say Labour have the most humane welfare policies – but only just

Exclusive: There is also strong support among benefit claimants for the SNP's approach to social security.

‘Murdered’ by austerity: how Tory cuts have caused physical and mental harm

Austerity is a form of 'social murder', says researcher.

‘National disgrace’: Child homelessness continues to soar under Tories

The number of children housed in temporary accomodation has reached a 12-year high, official figures show.

Letter demands ‘urgent action’ on Universal Credit

New Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd urged to improve Universal Credit scheme.

Private profiteers Capita to continue benefiting from Westminster benefits contract

Capita awarded an extension to a 24-year-old contract to continue running council tax collection and benefit payments in London.

Mhairi Black: Don’t be fooled by the Chancellor’s ‘end of austerity’ claims

Chancellor hiding behind 'soundbites' while continuing the Tories' brutal austerity agenda, says SNP MP.

DWP ‘playing people for fools’ with ‘misleading’ Universal Credit ads

Frank Field accuses the DWP of sharing 'misleading' and 'disingenuous' Universal Credit ads on Twitter.

Shameless Tory welfare chief accuses critics of ‘peddling fake news’

Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey MP said those who claim the Tories are cutting social security benefits are "peddling fake news".

Foodbanks have become the last line of defence against poverty and hunger

In the seventh richest country, we should all be deeply ashamed that people still cannot afford to feed their families.

Most Brits support the radical idea of a ‘Universal Basic Income’, poll shows

40% of the public would welcome Basic Income experiments in their local area while just 15% would oppose them

Preventable harm and the Work Capability Assessment

An in-depth analysis of the controversial Work Capability Assessment and how it's used to limit access to social security benefits.

Charities are missing the point – disability benefit assessments were designed to fail

Charities and others are letting the government off the hook, writes Mo Stewart.

No wonder people on benefits live in fear. Supermarkets spy on them now

It’s bad enough that we demonise the poor and disabled – now they can’t even leave their homes or use social media in peace.

Sick and disabled Brits killed by the state – crime without punishment

Successive UK Governments have restricted access to vital long-term sickness and disability benefits.

Universal Credit – built to fail

One man's battle with the Government's flagship welfare reform.

Why would any self-respecting woman vote Tory?

Elaine Dyson questions why any woman in Britain could ever bring themselves to vote Conservative.

The road to ‘Cash Not Care’ – a personal voyage of research discovery

Disabled researcher and military veteran speaks about her own experiences of dealing with the DWP and the UK's welfare system.

Naughty or nice? Help Santa put these UK politicians on the correct list

Even Santa needs a little help from time to time.

MPs are treating our democracy and the public with callous contempt

Politicians are putting their own self interests and those of their party before the needs of the people they are elected to serve.

Universal credit – or universal disaster?

Few people fully realise the apocalyptic impact universal credit may have on millions of low-income households.

Our social security system has become a welfare deterrent

Sue Jones writes that social security has been transformed from a system that once aided people in need, to one that punishes them for needing support.
European Union Flag

Should the UK public be given the final say on Brexit? – Poll

How is it undemocratic to say UK voters should get the final say on EU membership, once we know the details of the final deal?


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