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  1. The article is wrong:

    “Family carers are among the most responsible members of society. CarerWatch,
    along with others, believes suggestions made in recent leaked documents
    of moving carers to universal credit would result in an unfair system
    that gives no recognition whatsoever of the contribution carers make to

    There is no plan to move carers to Universal Credit. This is because the majority of family carers have savings or pension income in addition to CA. Why? Because if they did not a typical carer household could not survive. Why not? Because means tested welfare actually pays more than the non-means tested welfare alternatives. Carers, myself included, do not just sacrifice their careers, they also heavily subsidise the government by producing a smaller welfare footprint. They and their families get less benefit than they would on Universal Credit. I myself have saved the government £100K in reduced benefit payments by spending our savings since I began my carer role. While most of our savings have gone in subsidising the government I still have enough savings to prevent me claiming UC which is not available to anyone with capital assets of over £16K. Simply by stoping CA the government can reduce its welfare bill significantly. If they tried to move carers onto UC, they just would not get it. The plan is to punish those who have not only sacrificed their careers and saved them billions in social care costs but also heavily subsidised the benefit system.

    There is no intention to move carers onto the higher paying Universal Credit. There is every intention to marginalise and disposses them. Many will lose their homes. They and their families, including severely sick and disabled people will be forced onto the streets.

  2. Exactly I work 24 hours a day 6 days a week most weeks (my son takes over on a Monday so i can catch up with shopping paying bills) and just generally getting out of the house for a few hours. And they want us to have a job as well !!!! I gave up a well paid job so I could take care of my husband who has a degenerative condition that affects his breathing so ordinary day to day stuff we take for granted can and quite often does, land my hubby in hospital, then its back and forth to the hospital twice a day. They want to get real and actually spend sometime with carers especially family carers who like me gave up work in order to care for my hubby who I love very much.

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