photo credit: Lisa Norwood via photopin cc

The WOW Petition, signed by over 104.000 people, called for a cumulative impact assessment of all cuts to support to disabled people and carers.

The debate and vote on the 27th February 2014, the first in history called by sick, disabled people and carers was successful, but since then the Government have failed to honour their side after misrepresenting the position of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, who actually believe it is possible to produce an accurate analysis of how the cuts have been targeted at sick and disabled people and their carers.

Now, more than ever an assessment into the scale of the cuts needs to be completed to quantify, whenever possible, the human cost of the first round of cuts, before further cuts can be even contemplated.

The news of some leaked documents, explaining further horrendous cuts to carers and sick & disabled people, have left them terrified of what is going to happen.

We would have thought it imperative that any government respecting human rights would check the consequences of the cuts disabled people and carers have already endured, before imposing further draconian cuts.


  • The Green Party
  • Rev David Ison, Dean of St Pauls Cathedral
  • John McDonnell
  • Dr Clive Peedell, Co-leader National Health Action Party
  • Peter Beresford OBE, Professor of Social Policy at Brunel University, Director of the Centre for Citizen Participation and Chair of Shaping our Lives
  • Francesca Martinez, Actress, Comedienne, Author and WOWcampaign
  • Jim Elder-Woodward OBE, Chair of the UK Campaign for a Fair Society
  • Salman Shaheen, Principal Speaker Left Unity
  • Frances Ryan, Journalist The Guardian and inequality
  • Mary O’Hara, Journalist and Author
  • Dr. Peter Purton, Disability/LGBT policy officer, Trade Union Congress
  • Sean McGovern, TUC General Council Disability Representative
  • Ian Jones, WOWcampaign
  • Michelle Maher, WOWcampaign
  • Carole Ford, WOWcampaign
  • Laura Stringhetti, WOWcampaign
  • John McArdle, Co-Founder Black Triangle Campaign
  • Dr Stephen Carty, Member and Medical Adviser Black Triangle Campaign
  • Nick Dilworth, New Approach
  • Carerwatch
  • Linda Burnip, Co-Founder Disabled People Against Cuts
  • Debbie Jolly, Disabled people Against Cuts
  • Bob Ellard, Disabled People Against Cuts
  • Anita Bellows
  • Simon Duffy, Learning Disability Alliance England and The Centre for Welfare Reform
  • Ian Hood, Learning Disability Alliance Scotland
  • People’s Assembly
  • Norma Curran, Chair of Scottish Campaign For A Fairer Society
  • Susan Archibald, Archibald Foundation
  • Mo Stewart, Disability Studies Researcher
  • Pat Onions, Pats Petition
  • Alison Playford, London Occupy
  • Sue Livett, The English Campaign for a Fair Society
  • Kaliya Franklin, People First England
  • Gary Bourlet, People First England
  • Mo Ansar