David Cameron has continued the Conservatives approach of attempting to woo the ‘grey vote’, by pledging to protect pensioner benefits.

The Tory leader has promised not to introduce means-testing for pensioner benefits such as bus passes, TV licences and the Winter Fuel Payment.

In a speech Mr Cameron said it was a “fundamental duty” to care for older people who have worked all their lives, and that the payments were not an “unnecessary luxury”.

The pledge is in stark contrast to both Labour and the Liberal Democrats who would means-test some pensioner benefits, which could result in wealthier pensioners losing some entitlements.

Mr Cameron said: “In 2010, I looked down the barrel of the camera and made a clear commitment to the British people that I would keep these things.

“And that wasn’t a commitment for five years – it was a commitment for as long as I am prime minister.”

He added: “If you’ve worked hard during your life, saved, paid your taxes, done the right thing, you deserve dignity when you retire.

“These people have fought wars, seen us through recessions – made this the great country it is today.

“They brought us into the world and cared for us, and now it’s our turn – our fundamental duty – to care for them.”

However, the Conservatives pledge to ring-fence pensioner benefits has been criticised by their coalition partners, who say David Cameron would balance the nations books “on the backs of disabled people and the working age poor”.

The Liberal Democrat Pensions Minister Steve Webb said: “The working age poor will pay the price for the Conservative ring fence for the very wealthiest pensioners.

“The Conservatives are proposing £12bn of welfare cuts which is the equivalent of a £1500 cut for eight million people.

“By ruling out any changes to benefits of wealthy pensioners they are showing their determination to balance the books solely on the backs of disabled people and the working age poor.”

Rachel Reeves MP, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, said:

“David Cameron’s government has let millions of pensioners down, failing to act on rising fuel costs and rip off pension fees and charges.

“Pensioners will find it hard to take pre-election promises seriously from a Prime Minister who has introduced the granny tax, increased VAT, and caused the Tory NHS crisis which has damaged social care services.

“Labour has a better plan for pensioners. We will support the triple lock, freeze energy bills and ensure savers are protected against pension rip-off pension charges and mis-selling.

“As part of our plan to get the deficit down in a fairer way, we will stop paying the winter fuel allowance to the richest five per cent of pensioners and reverse David Cameron’s tax cut for millionaires.

“Accusations that we will end pensioner benefits are simply untrue.”


  1. I believe certain pensioner benefits should be means tested and if you live abroad shouldn’t get the Winter Fuel payments. Although this is going off question, another thing that makes my blood boil is people living overseas being able to vote in our elections. Why should they have the power to influence how we are governed.

    • I think Scani Poos is talking the biggest load off rubbish i have ever herd in my life because there are all the same just to look after no one

  2. He’ll do what he always does Promise us everything then turn tails the minute hes back in the a pathological liar… I don’t believe a word he says..Hell promise all sorts of stuff Just keep in.. But folk arnt completely stupid we can see what damage to the UK he;s done

  3. Cameron the Turncoat He has previously publicly declared that we can no longer afford the benefits he is now saying would be protected. He is hoping the gray vote will swing in his favor. The biggest slice of Welfare is the old age benefit. Now don’t go away and think I am against the elderly getting this money – I am 60 It won’t sway my vote. So riding on the back of this decision how does this leave working age and Welfare? It is inconceivable that the multi billion cut backs will fall on these people. The poorest sector of our society are the WORKING POOR

      • I’m sure there are. I’m just saying that Cameron speaks like the real skivers of the world either die before retirement age or magically become previous hard workers. It’s the same simple prejudice that allows them to punish the under 25s all day long.

        • I Hate Cameron and his cronies their out and out liars and WILL SAY anything just to get back in they’ve damaged this country beyond repair

        • If pensioners didn’t have to work until they drop these days there would be jobs for the under 25’s.
          It must also be frustrating for those who have worked for promotion only to find out that there way is barred by someone who has to work longer before they retire.

    • There will be, but these people will be on the minimum pension which I wouldn’t want to try and live off.

  4. It looks like the IDS plan to tax the capital of millionaires on benefits is more likely to be a tax on the incomes of the working age disabled poor. Strange he would such a mistake (not). Still those past retirement age will do very nicely if they vote Conservative…..

    • I’m pensioner and I would never, never in a hundred years (if I live that long) vote Conservative. The unbelievable poverty and hardship that they have bought on the people of this country should never be forgotten. They are the most evil political party that this country has ever seen. Together with their 1% friends

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