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  1. The Job Center has for a long time now, no longer been a service to the public looking for employment or alternative employment and advice, which it was intended to be, with the unemployed being its clients. Now, especially in the last five years, it has become the front line agency for implementing social cleansing, much like the nazis processing their victims in the death camp’s it sorts through those still fit for work and those not, and instead of using gas they used sanctions, same result, but cheaper and not so visible.

  2. I hope that the Tories lose the election and that every one of these dodgy reviews, dossiers and yes the number of deaths are exposed and laid bare for all to see. And that people feel ashamed for buying into the whole scrounger rhetoric that they swallowed hook line and sinker.

    • what goes around comes around, hope this government will suffer the same way they have treated poor disabled people and I hope its individually perhaps they might suffer a chronic disease and have nobody to help them good will always beat evil,

  3. About fourteen years ago I went to the jobcentre,when jobcentres were places where people could just go in with thier children and have a browse around, looking for job vacancies. I had an appointment with a disability employment adviser as i wanted to find out what jobs i could do. She was very nice and even advised me to apply for dla. how times have changed.

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