photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc

A compassionate businessman has given jobs to a homeless couple he met whilst on a night out in Wales, it has been reported today.

James Robinson, 34, was enjoying a night out with friends when he came across John, 34, and Anna, 21, who were sleeping rough on the streets of Cardiff after falling on hard-times.

Mr Robinson, an advertising executive for the charity ‘There’s no place like homeless’, paid for the couple to stay in the £300-a-night Hilton Hotel.

He has since managed to locate the couple and offered them both a part-time job working for the charity, who provide sleeping bags and other essential items to homeless people in Cardiff.

Mr Robinson told Wales News Service: “As a business, we’re going to employ John and Anna, not on a full-time basis, but we’re going to give them some paid work on a regular basis to connect to the homeless community.

‘It’s our mission that every homeless person in Cardiff will have one of these packs by the end of October.”

There were around 14,160 homeless applications in Wales during 2014-15. Of these, more than 5,000 were regarded as being in priority need and 2,745 were accepted as homeless but not in priority need. 5,650 were eligible for housing support but not homeless.

A homeless man reduced commuters in Newcastle to tears in May, after he took to a piano to play a beautiful rendition of a Beethoven classic.

A policeman initially tried to move 26-year-old Alan Donaldson on, but then allowed him to sit at the piano.

Facebook user Michael Kinnison said: “People, including the policeman, were stood by laughing to themselves as they watched the homeless man sit at the piano.

“However their mocking turned to shock as the man burst into a beautiful rendition of Für Elise.”