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British Jihadists Should Be Stripped Of Their Benefits, Say MPs

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British citizens who travel to the middle-east to join with extremist groups in Iraq and Syria, including Islamic State (IS), should be stripped of their benefits, a group of influential MPs have said.

Similar measures have already been introduced in Belgium and Australia, and are now being recommended by a growing number of MPs in the UK.

Those MPs believe that such a move could help reduce the number of ‘home-grown terrorists’ and deter young British men from leaving the UK to join and fight with IS, and other terrorist groups. The proposal could also extended to the parents and wider family.

A growing number of politicians fear that benefits and tax credits are being used to help subsidise terrorism abroad. Former Tory Minister for International Security Strategy, Gerald Howarth MP, said:

“The Islamic community is a tight-knit one and it is up to them to be proactive and ensure their children are not seduced by these extremists.

“Why should people who claim no allegiance to this country and actively act against our values be supported by taxpayers’ money?”

A government source told the Daily Express: “We must do this as soon as the law permits. We need zero tolerance. Taxpayers should not be forking out to subsidise terrorism abroad.”

Tory MP Andrew Percy added: “If people reject the British state then the British state should reject them. I am all in favour of stripping them of their citizenship and with that their benefits.

“If they want to go and fight for Islamic State, then Islamic State can support them and pay their child tax credits.”

The proposal is also supported by UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who argues that “stripping jihadists and their supporters of benefits is a good idea”. He added: “I think it would command overwhelming public support”.

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Are they right – Should British born jihadists be stripped of their benefits? Leave your comments below.



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  1. "Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword." I am sure many have heard this before, however those who preach terror should have their benefits stripped – why should they be allowed to spout hatred at the expense of the British taxpayer. This country has a lot of freedoms – Many other countries. especially those with extremist Sharia laws oppress even their own people and rule by fear – If those so called Jihadists want extreme Sharia then strip them of their Uk citizenship and send them to countries which operate under this law. Some of these terrorists claim that jihad is just and their so called god – Allah – is merciful but their own actions reflect the description of Gods enemy the devil – The devil biblically is described as a thief, a liar, a deceiver and a murderer – so who do these extreme Jihadist really serve? I think their actions expose that – Here we have freedom of religion and of worship and even though their may be disagreements most genuine peace losing people can still get on with each other and be friends – those that encourage youngsters to become suicide bombers and spout hatred for the people of this country – should have their benefits stopped, their Uk citizenship removed (after all if they hate this country so much why do they keep their Uk citizenship in the first place?) and then kicked out (preferably at their own expense) to a country that is under the type of rule (usually extremely oppressive ) that they say love so much. Yes their benefits should be stopped and a lot more besides.

  2. The root cause of this, half spelt out by British moslem leaders is deprivation, particularly amongst Britains minorities. STOP THE WELFARE SANCTIONS, give people dignity and respect. They would then feel more part of Britain and less need to join jihadist groups

  3. I do not understand why these Jihadists want to go and fight for the US backed Islamic State (formerly ISIS) which was being paid to terrorise Syria and is now fulfilling the US/Israeli plan to divide Iraq into 3 parts. Maybe they are trying to get a Green Card?

  4. So here we are in Britain and the government is culling the poor. They are stealing all the money, cutting wages, taxing bedrooms, proposing getting rid of the human rights charter, building new prisons, privatising the NHS and generally destroying justice and liberty whilst robbing us blind. Some good old 'Christian soldiers' and the Salvation army want to fight for justice and against oppression. (Lousy job they're doing really.) Oh, and Britain is also wrecking the Middle East and destroying one country after another in collusion with various dictators in the region leading to total mayhem and millions dead and displaced. They are funding the wholesale slaughter of children in Gaza whilst providing diplomatic and propaganda cover for the crime and distracting us with fake videos of Islamic 'terrorists' (who they funded and armed) cutting the head off a journalist (Israel has murdered 11 in the last 6 weeks but no one gives a damn) to make 'us' hate 'them'. Then they suggest this terrifying threat to UK security and everyone in Britain is being funded by tax credits! Let's demonise the poor again.

    The whole concept of Jihad is the struggle against oppression and is mainly concerned with the peaceful struggle both within yourself and possibly within your society. The most extreme form of Jihad in the Quran (and I emphasize the most extreme because most references are quite peaceful and theological) is "armed struggle against persecution and oppression". What is wrong with that? We support the idea of the Jews in the Berlin ghettos using arms against the oppression of the Nazis. We believe in "Israel's right to defend itself" in spite of the fact that slaughtering civilians and babies indiscriminately with the most powerful and heinous weapons in the world when they are poverty stricken in an enclosed enclave is not self defence.

    So it makes complete sense to me that some people have sympathy for the desolation of the Middle Eastern countries and get agitated even to the point of violence. But what is so ironic is that the majority of Islamic fundamentalist 'terrorists' are created and funded by the Zionist allies of Israel, USA and Britain. They create the enemy to justify the slaughter. The evidence is clear if you look. So I don't EVEN believe these people on the streets of Britain are really Islamic terrorists. Real terrorists remain hidden and attack by stealth. This is paid groups to create fear to justify even more oppression willingly accepted by the British idiots. How stupid are the British public really? It is getting so much like a pantomime I can't believe there is anyone left believing it for real.


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