Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Domestic Abuse Bill fails to protect disabled and vulnerable victims

Bill fails to provide sufficient protections for migrants and disabled survivors of abuse.

‘The Forgotten Angels’ – Why we must act now to prevent a collapse of Social Care

One woman speaks out about the desperate need to support a social care system on the brink of collapse.

UK immigration rules for NHS staff in dire need of review post COVID-19

New immigration rules will make it more difficult for the NHS to attract vital migrant workers.

This Labour leadership candidate may have fuelled the ‘hostile environment’ faced by benefit claimants

Keir Starmer's comments on benefit fraud in 2013 may have hardened public opinion of all benefit claimants.

Opinion: Politicians Need To Learn A Thing Or Two About Morality

Politicians who harass and bully disabled people though welfare cuts are in no position to complain about publishing their tax returns.

Labour Must Work Harder To Defend Disabled People Against Tory Cuts

Letters: Disabled people need the Labour Party to unite and work harder to hold the government to account, a concerned citizen writes.

Benefit Sanctions Can’t Possibly ‘Incentivise’ People To Work – And Here’s Why

Imposing sanctions on people who already have very limited resources is not only irrational, it is absurdly and spectacularly cruel.

Sick And Disabled Hit By 70,000 Benefit Sanctions – Despite Being ‘Unfit For Work’

DWP figures show a huge rise in the number of sick and disabled people hit by controversial benefit sanctions.

Universal Credit Stuck In The Slow Lane As Government Told Roll-Out Plans ‘Not Credible’

The UK Government has been told plans to fully roll-out Universal Credit within five years are not "credible".

Abolish ‘Purely Punitive’ Benefit Sanctions Regime

It's time for everyone concerned for the rights of the citizen to demand the abolition of the Tory benefit sanctions regime.

There’s Nothing ‘Fair’ About Tory Welfare Policy

Tory claims that draconian welfare cuts are about 'fairness' is a complete fallacy, writes Lesley Roberts.

Jobseeking Surrounded By Fictions, Myths And Convenient Narratives

Jobseeking is generally surrounded by fictions, myths and convenient narratives; all of which support the systems rights over the individual.

Benefit Claimants Should Not Be Forced To Live In Fear

Why are we pushing vulnerable benefit claimants into the position of feeling that the only way out is to take their own life?

Welfare Weekly Summary, 18 July 2015

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from Welfare Weekly and others.

What’s The Point Of Labour If They Won’t Oppose Tory Welfare Cuts?

The Labour Party should be instinctively opposed to the Tory ideological of welfare cuts and austerity, writes Adam Colclough.

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