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  1. If disabled people are not allowed cars and prams on buses stop wheelchairs from boarding that means we just stay at home. Mind you that might solve the problem of disability hatred!!

  2. I notice that he doesn’t differentiate between types of benefit claimants – job-seekers and those with disabilities. “Those people” is an unacceptable term for either, but coming from someone running for office to represent all constituents, including “those people”, it’s appalling. Surely UKIP isn’t going to support the continuation of an obviously bigoted candidate’s campaign for election, under their auspices?

  3. They might be claiming benefits, but you think 6million cars off the road thats a lot of tax lost not going back into the coffers of the government,Plus I understood that there was under 2million claiming JSA or are UKIP claiming anyone who claims any benefits should be taken off the road as well such as disabled,Carers, single mothers /fathers people claiming tax credits/family allowance people in work but claiming IS…. I think UkIP need’s to rein in their so called candidates and get rid of the nutters!!

  4. Gob Smacked What an idiot How would people get their kids to school doctors hospital etc How are they going to go to the job center to sign on or go for interviews for jobs

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