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Steven Preece is the Editor and founder of Welfare Weekly. Steven believes that responsible journalism can expose how political decisions impact on the lives of poor and vulnerable people in our society, and positively influence public opinion and perception of those less fortunate.

Coronation Street Stars Support The Save Independent Living Fund Campaign

Stars of Britain’s longest running soap joined disabled people in their campaign to Save the Independent Living Fund (ILF).

Only 5,250 Have Made A Claim For Universal Credit, DWP Figures Show

Figures released by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) show that there has been only 5,250 Universal Credit 'starters' between April 2013 and 31 January 2014.

Letters: Disabled People Are Human Too

As a happily married disabled woman, I have to say that I was appalled by Mayor Nick Martin's recent comments regarding disabled people and sex - Helen Sims

Disabled People In Scotland Set To Benefit From New Independent Living Fund

Thousands of disabled people in Scotland are to benefit from a new Independent Living Fund (ILF), Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced.

3.8 Million Families Living On A ‘Knife Edge’, Say Shelter

3.8 MILLION families could be just one paycheck away from losing their home, the housing and homeless charity Shelter has warned.

Bedroom Tax Vs Mansion Subsidy

Press Release: Cheshire East Council Labour councillors supported a proposal to consider removing council tax discounts for single people living in houses above average size (band E and above).

Tenant’s Need ‘Clear Advice’ On ‘Bedroom Tax’ Liability, Say CIH Scotland

Social Housing tenants living in Scotland need 'clear advice' on whether or not they need to pay the controversial 'bedroom tax', the Chartered Institute of Housing (Scotland) say.

NHS Doctors Banned From Labelling People With Learning Disabilities ‘Retarded’

NHS doctors are still using words like retarded, morons and subnormal when describing people with learning disabilities.

Face-To-Face ‘Fit For Work’ Interviews Could Be Scrapped

Department for Work and Pensions is exploring the possibility of replacing the WCA with a streamlined system, based upon written medical evidence acquired from claimants, their GP's and consultants.

Unfair Benefit Sanctions Causing “Significant Levels Of Hardship”, Say Housing Federation

The UK is becoming an "unsympathetic and uncaring state", say The Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA).

Welfare News Service Summary – Week Ending Saturday 5 April 2014

Links and details of all the weeks news published by the Welfare News Service - week ending 5 April 2014.

Tax And Benefit Changes Mean Households Are £974 A Year Worse Off Under The Coalition, Say Labour

Tax and benefit changes introduced since the coalition government took office in 2010 mean households will be worse off by an average of £974 a year by 2015, say Labour.

Letters: Disability Online Helps People Receive The Correct Benefit Award

In the past twelve months, Disability Online say they have helped a total of 203 people receive correct benefit awards.

46 Liberal Democrat Peers Vote To Keep The ‘Bedroom Tax’ – 24hrs After Party President Opposed It

46 Liberal Democrat peers voted to keep the hated 'Bedroom Tax', despite party president saying the Lib Dems could no longer support the controversial policy.

Unite Calls For Vote To End ‘Obscene’ Bedroom Tax Ahead Of ‘Major Demonstrations’ This Weekend

Unite has called on Labour to push for a parliamentary vote to end the 'obscene' Bedroom Tax ahead of protests against the policy this weekend.

‘Bedroom Tax’ In The Docks As Charity Argues Hated Policy STILL Discriminates Against Disabled Children

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) is representing Paul and Susan Rotherford, on behalf of their severely disabled grandson Warren.

Unemployed Lone Parents Could Be Forced Into Unpaid Work Placements

Unemployed lone parents could be forced into mandatory unpaid work placements as part of fresh changes to benefits coming into force from the 28th April 2014.

Labour MP Calls On Government To Save Disabled Persons Fund

Dame Anne Begg (Labour), has called on the Government to save the Independent Living Fund (ILF) and allow the most disabled people to continue to live independently in their homes.

Benefit Sanctions Will Hit Homeless Hardest, Scottish Charity Warns

Benefit sanctions and welfare reforms will hit homeless people in Scotland harder than any other group, a Scottish charity has warned.

Work For Your Dole: George Osborne Outlines Tough New Benefits Regime – Speech

Chancellor George Osborne has outlined tax changes and a tough new benefits regime for Britain's unemployed.

Welfare Cuts Leading To Rise In “Poverty Crime” – Video

Coalition welfare cuts are pushing previously law abiding citizens into "poverty crime", with the number of people stealing food from stores at a nine year high.

Yes, Some Sick And Disabled People Really ARE Too Ill To Work – Graph

The number of people entitled to sickness benefit Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) has soared to all-time high, official figures released in March by the DWP show.

Bedroom Tax: Only 6% Of Affected Households Move Home

BBC has discovered that only 6% of social housing tenants affected by the coalition government's controversial 'bedroom tax' have moved to a smaller property.

MPs Approve Annual Welfare Spending Cap

MPs voted 520 to 22 in favour of the cap which will see welfare spending limited to £119.5bn in 2015-16, rising with inflation to a forecasted £126.7bn by 2018-19.


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