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Tesco makes it easier to donate to food banks

Tesco unveils new ways to support local food banks and charities.

Tory cost of living crisis made worse by a decade of welfare cuts

New study examines the heavy toll of rising living costs on low-income families.

Tories refusal to reinstate £20 Universal Credit uplift ‘makes devolution more urgent than ever’

"Our welfare system has been gutted by successive UK governments", says Plaid Cymru MP.

Nearly £2million in grants paid out to young carers in Scotland

There has been an increase in the number of Young Carer Grant's paid out in Scotland.

Adult social care charging reforms hugely underfunded, warn councils

Over 500,000 people are still on waiting lists for care assessments.


MPs call on Chancellor to commit to raising benefits inline with inflation

The Work and Pensions Committee has written to Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng.

SNP plan to cap rents for private and social tenancies

Emergency legislation introduced to the Scottish Parliament aims to protect tenants during the cost of living crisis.

DWP announce date for second cost of living payment

By November 23, millions of homes throughout the United...

What more evidence does the UK government need that families are in crisis?

It is "shocking and morally indefensible" that the UK government may not increase benefits inline with inflation, think tank argues.