71 Coalition MPs Stood To Profit From NHS Privatisation, Says Unite

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A new a dossier of disgrace published by Unite, Britain’s biggest union reveals that 71 coalition MPs with links to private healthcare interests voted to sell-off our beloved NHS.

Len McCluskey, Unite general secretary said: “The sheer scale of this conflict of interest is staggering, but it is the ongoing sell-off of our NHS that makes this the real scandal for our democracy.

“In another attempt to ignore the view of the people of Britain David Cameron is still refusing to use his veto and exempt the NHS from a US EU trade deal called TTIP. What is our NHS doing in a trade deal with America? This again exposes the Government’s real plan for the NHS – complete and irreversible privatisation.

“From lobbying links to investments and in some cases direct donations, scores of coalition MPs who voted for the NHS sell-off had links to the very private healthcare companies which stood to profit.”

Since the Health and Social Care Act passed in 2012 over 70 per cent of tendered contracts have been awarded to the private sector, amounting to over £13 billion worth of NHS services falling into private hands. A recent investigation by Unite found that £1.5 billion worth of contracts has been sold-off to just 15 private companies.

The disgraced 71, 64 Tory and 7 Liberal Democrat MPs, includes senior coalition figures such as Prime Minister David Cameron, Jo Johnson, Nadhim Zahawi and past and current health secretaries Andrew Lansley and Jeremy Hunt.

While preparing the white paper that led to the act in 2009, then shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley received £21,000 to his personal office from John Nash, then chairman of the private healthcare company Care UK. In 2013, 96 percent of Care UK’s business, amounting to over £400 million, came from the NHS.

Current health secretary Jeremy Hunt received two donations to his constituency office from hedge fund boss Andrew Law. Law has donated over £600,000 to the Tories and his firm holds multi-million healthcare investments.

Seven Tory MPs have received funding from Robin Crispin Odey, whose hedge fund Odey Asset Management part-owns health giant Circle. Aside from running the first fully privatized NHS hospital at Hinchingbrooke, Circle have won a £120 million contract to run musculoskeletal services in Bedfordshire.

Stratford-on-Avon MP Nadhim Zahawi described the health act as a ‘brilliant piece of legislation”. Zahawi is the non-executive director of recruitment company SThree, which has gained at least £2.6 million from the new Clinical Commissioning Groups created by the health act.

Len McCluskey, Unite general secretary continued: “Since the vote to sell-off our NHS, over £13 billion pounds of our local services have fallen into private hands. It is time to scrap the health and social care act and veto the NHS from TTIP.”

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Download the dossier

Source: www.unitetheunion.org

Photo credit: The Prime Minister’s Office via photopin cc

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