Jobcentre Plus sign.

Government officials have been reported as saying that up to 30,000 DWP staff could be axed, if the Tories win the next general election.

The startling figure represents a significant reduction in the DWP’s 83,000 full-time staff.

But even under a future Labour government, the number of DWP staff could be slashed by up to 20,000.

If true, the reductions would occur gradually over the course of the next parliament.

A spokesperson for the PCS union, who include DWP staff among their members, said:

“If carried through this would devastate the delivery of essential social security support.”

It’s unclear as to whether these cutbacks would affect front-line Jobcentre staff.

Neither the Conservatives nor Labour have confirmed or denied the allegation.


  1. Oh my heart bleeds for them. PCS staff have been actively and eagerly persecuting and killing people by Sanctions and WCA and PIP. Taking their 30 pieces of silver then saying they are just following orders. If I had my way all 83000 DWP staff would be crucified in a row like the Romans did to the Spartacus rebels from Lands End to John O’Groats..

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