Labour ‘wouldn’t let people pay a penny more’ on energy costs, says Starmer

Keir Starmer sets out Labour's plan to solve the cost of living crisis.

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Keir Starmer stated today (Monday) that Labour “wouldn’t let people pay a penny more” on their winter fuel bills as he presented the party’s strategy to solve the cost of living crisis.

The leader of the Labour Party stated that the party’s proposal to prevent winter bill increases will save a typical household £1,000 in the short term, rein in energy prices for the future, and combat inflation.

Labour’s £29 billion proposal would keep the energy price ceiling from increasing over the winter, supported by an additional tax on oil and gas companies with jaw-dropping profits.

By insulating 19 million homes throughout the UK over the next decade as part of Labour’s Warm Homes Plan, the emergency package unveiled by Keir Starmer would cut energy use and slash costs in the long run.

A year ago, Labour pushed the government to follow this strategy. If they had taken action, they would have been able to insulate 2 million of the coldest houses by this winter, saving the average household an additional £1,000 annually on energy costs.

Starmer claimed that freezing the price cap will reduce inflation by 4%, reducing the likelihood of future interest rate hikes and alleviating the burden on individuals and companies.

Further initiatives include a strategy to safeguard our energy supply to shield us from future shocks and increase the United Kingdom’s energy independence.

Starmer added that Labour would halt current bill increases and generate sustainable energy for the future, therefore assisting people through the winter and laying the groundwork for a stronger, more stable economy.

Keir Starmer MP said: “Britain’s cost of living crisis is getting worse, leaving people scared about how they’ll get through the winter.

“Labour’s plan to save households £1,000 this winter and invest in sustainable British energy to bring bills down in the long-term is a direct response to the national economic emergency that is leaving families fearing for the future.

“We’ve had 12 years of Tory government that has failed to prepare and refused to invest, leaving bills higher and our country less secure.

“This is a national emergency. It needs strong leadership and urgent action.

“Labour’s fully-funded plan would fix the problems immediately and for the future – helping people get through the winter while providing the foundations for a stronger, more secure economy.

“Only Labour can give Britain the fresh start it needs.”



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