Carers Week: Ground-breaking film portrays reality of unpaid care in the UK

Grassroots campaign calls for higher benefits for unpaid carers in the UK.

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A new film released for Carers Week (6 – 12th June) exposes the real experiences of unpaid carers in the UK.

We Care Campaign, a grassroots carer-led group, has made the film as a rallying cry for unpaid carers and decision makers alike.

It also hopes it will help carers feel less alone and encourage them to join its campaign.

Katy Styles, carer and founder of We Care, from Canterbury, said: “Unpaid carers are struggling more than ever and lack the financial and emotional support we need.

“We’ve recently run an online petition which garnered 15,000 signatures highlighting the devastating impact soaring rising energy costs are having on carers who need to run vital medical equipment at home.

“We hope that the film highlights how visible unpaid carers feel to decision makers. Every year Carers Week evokes warm words from politicians about how we are “unsung heroes.”

“This year we need them to do more than provide us with praise during Carers Week. We need decision makers to make meaningful change for us all. They should start by reviewing the pitiful amount we receive from Carers Allowance.”

Video by We Care Campaign

John, 60 an unpaid carer featured in the film who looks after his wife in Wigan, said: “People don’t realise how hard caring for someone you love is.

“My wife was diagnosed with dementia when she was just 42. Now, every time I call an ambulance I wonder if it’s the last time I will see her.

“The role has its privileges: I get to see my wife every day and can make sure she is looked after the way I would want to be looked after. But it’s hard too, and there’s not enough support.

“The government should make the financial support we receive fairer.

“In April my Income Support went down by £1 a week because I got an increase in Carers Allowance. I am worse off now because I am a carer than someone who doesn’t care.”

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