Sunday, December 8, 2019

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Man born without arms or legs told to prove he is disabled enough for benefits

Meanwhile, a Tory candidate has suggested that disabled people should be paid less because they "don't understand money".

One million UK children face a Christmas without warmth or fresh food, charity warns

Action for Children says child poverty levels are at the worst they can remember.

Jo Swinson ‘sorry’ for backing Tory benefit cuts

Liberal Democrat leader grilled on her voting record while in coalition government with the Tories.

Cancer patient forced to rely on food banks says DWP needs to ‘wake up’ to the ‘cruelty’ of Universal...

A cancer patient says she has been forced to rely on food banks after being refused Universal Credit.

A child becomes homeless in Britain every eight minutes, report reveals

Shelter calls on every political party to put housing at the top of its domestic agenda.

C4 Dispatches: 4 million children growing up hungry under Tories

SNP calls on the next UK government to reverse "brutal" austerity cuts and end the benefits freeze.

Jeremy Corbyn pledges to end the ‘shameful’ Tory treatment of disabled people

Jeremy Corbyn says the cruel treatment of disabled people "should be a source of shame" for the Tories.

Disabled mum wins £13k payout after two-year benefits battle

DWP claim the original decison to halt her disability benefits was only over-turned because of new evidence.

Court of Appeal to hear two Universal Credit claims

DWP face two appeals by Universal Credit claimants with severe disabilities.

DWP boss accused of demonising migrants over claim that continued free movement would add £4bn to the welfare bill

“Dog whistle anti-migrant nonsense is the Tories’ fallback position", said Labour.


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