Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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Virgin handed £2bn worth of NHS England contracts

Brexit 'power grab' poses a 'major threat' to the National Health Service, warns SNP.

Man with mental health problems forced to sleep on Parent’s sofa after London council offers inadequate support

Hounslow Council ended his supported accommodation tenancy and forced him to live with his parents.

DWP admit media reports forced them to review benefit sanction case

Disabled man's benefits stopped after he missed a Jobcentre meeting because of crippling seizures.

Foodbanks have become the last line of defence against poverty and hunger

In the seventh richest country, we should all be deeply ashamed that people still cannot afford to feed their families.

Most Brits support the radical idea of a ‘Universal Basic Income’, poll shows

40% of the public would welcome Basic Income experiments in their local area while just 15% would oppose them

Benefit cap inquiry re-launched by MPs

Work and Pensions Committee to re-launch benefit cap inquiry after it was stalled due the last general election.

Wealthiest Brits handed nearly half of pension tax relief, shocking research reveals

Nearly half of Government spending on pension tax relief is handed out to the richest 10% of eligible savers.

Foodbanks plead for donations as thousands of children go hungry thanks to benefit cuts

Trussell Trust reports a surge in demand for emergency food as parents struggle to feed children during the Summer break.

Young adults with disabilities let down by council school transport policies

Councils should ensure their education transport policies properly support young adults with disabilities, says Ombudsman.

Housing experts blast ‘fundamentally unfair’ Tory benefit cap policy

DWP figures show the majority of those affected by the benefit cap are single parent households.

McVey challenged to ‘come face to face’ with foodbank users

SNP challenges Work and Pensions Secretary over links between Universal Credit and rising foodbank use.

Universal Credit plans pose a ‘significant risk’ to disabled people, warn charities

Concerns over Government plans to move existing disabled claimants onto Universal Credit.

Stay at home parents could miss out on state pension thanks to benefit cuts

Child Benefit changes mean some stay at home parents risk missing out on part of their State Pension, MPs warn.

Universal Credit ‘wrecking lives’ and ‘plunging tens of thousands into debt’

Around 70,000 people have taken out emergency loans whilst waiting for a Universal Credit payment, an FOI request reveals.

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