Government urged to reconsider paternity leave rights

Call for UK Government to double paternity leave from two to four weeks.

Disabled workers paid £2,730 a year less than non-disabled workers

Disability pay gap has increased to its highest level since 2013, TUC report shows.

Hundreds of deaths of homeless people ‘going unexamined’

Reviews to find if deaths in England and Wales could be prevented ‘are not being used’.

British public ignorant to the reality of disabled people’s lives, survey shows

A "hostile environment" towards disabled people is fueling a negative public perception of people living with a disability.

Older people at risk of being excluded from vital financial support

A growing shift to online only benefit applications means some older people are at risk of missing out on vital financial support.

DWP accused of ‘cack-handed’ reform to mortgage support benefits

29,000 homeowners have yet respond to news that their mortgage interest support payments are about to end.

Universal Credit causing a ‘hostile environment’ for thousands of families, says Unite

Unite will be holding a 'National Day of Action against Universal Credit' on Thursday 24 May.

Government must do more to support young people on benefits – report

Harsh benefit rules mean some young people are forced to live on less than £3 a day, report says.

Benefit sanctions found to be ineffective and damaging

Study concludes that punishing claimants triggers profoundly negative outcomes.

SNP demand action on ‘inaccessible’ benefit assessment centres

DWP admit there is no policy to ensure benefit assessment centres have parking facilities within 20 meters.

McVey planning to means-test employment support for disabled people

Tory "axewoman" Esther McVey looking to "finish the job" on disabled workers, say SNP.

DWP drop benefit sanctions ‘yellow card’ scheme because it’s not worth the ‘additional burden’

Scheme could have protected thousands of people from having their benefits wrongly 'sanctioned'.

Hundreds of homeless people fined and imprisoned in England and Wales

The Guardian finds over 50 local authorities with PSPOs in place prohibiting begging and loitering.

Disabled woman died from ‘massive heart attack’ after she was repeatedly refused benefits

Brother claims that repeatedly having to challenge flawed disability assessments became too much for his sister to bare.

Revealed: Three in four disabled people are winning disability benefit appeals

UK Government urged to "get a grip" of "fundamental flaws" in Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessments.

The harsh reality of living with an invisible chronic health condition

How conditions such as anxiety, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease impacts the lives of sufferers.

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