Thursday, May 23, 2019


Tories accused of ‘deliberate dismantling of the welfare state’

Accusation comes after a UN report accussed the UK Government of taking Britain back to the age of Victorian work houses and extreme poverty.

Tories ‘doubling down on anti-poor policies’, says damning UN report

UN report accuses the UK Government of being "in a state of denial" over the impact of its welfare policies.


‘I’ve been crying my eyes out’: Universal Credit ‘error’ left disabled man hungry and penniless

"I'd work if I could to pay my way, but I'm so unwell at the moment after my surgery that it's impossible."

Children with learning disabilities ‘locked away’ in mental health hospitals

Report warns that vulnerable children are being sedated or physically restrained while detained in mental health hospitals.

How a devoted husband took on the DWP and WON!

Mr Kirkland took the DWP to court to win back the vital benefits denied to his disabled wife.

‘Smartly dressed’ fraudsters target benefit claimants in Universal Credit scam

Vulnerable people are being tricked out of hundreds of pounds, charity warns.

Disabled people subjected to a rising torrent of online abuse, says charity

Figures show a 33% increase in the number of reported incidents of online disability hate crimes.

Seriously ill woman refused Universal Credit ‘on the verge of taking her own life’

Universal Credit has been blamed for pushing vulnerable people to food banks and others to suicide.




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